In this course, you will learn the basics of the horoscope’s architecture: houses, signs and planets. These pillars are the common ground of all branches of Western Astrology. Throughout the module, you will also start the interpretation of your own birth chart, gaining a new understanding of your personality traits, life purpose and potential in the different areas of life. You will also learn the fundamentals of forecasting. 


What is Western Integrated Astrology (W.I.A)?

Western Astrology is the most popular astrology system in western continents, especially Europe and America. Its origin dates back to the Babylonian culture (around 2000 BC.) but it was only structured during the Greek era, particularly with the works of Ptolemy (150 AD).

Western Integrated Astrology combines the traditional methods of Astrology with its most recent developments that embody social sciences such as Psychology and Economics.


cr7-wiaA Western Natal Horoscope

selecn1-mar2016W.I.A. 1 – MARCH 2016

The aim of W.I.A. is to provide a clear guidance about:

  • Personal development, such as talents, vocation, psychological profile, life purpose, cycles of opportunity and transformation.
  • Decision making, such as investments, career changes, business or emotional partnerships, calendar planning, travels.
  • Collective cycles, such as political trends, economic changes, sports tendencies, weather, natural events.


During the 4 days of the training, you will learn the essentials of Western Astrology, in a result oriented way.


  • The 2 Philosophical Principles
  • The 3 Branches of Western Astrology
  • The 4 Elements: Energy Archetypes
  • The 7 Classical Stars: Agents of Action
  • The 12 Houses: Areas of Life
  • The 12 Signs: Behaviour Patterns
  • The Outer Planets and Aspects
  • Essential and Accidental Dignities
  • Rulership and Aspect Interpretation
  • Systemic Constellations Exercises
  • Introduction to Timing / Forecasting
  • Examples and Practical Cases

This course is recommended for:


  • those seeking self-fulfilment and a clear vision of their life’s opportunities;
  • those who want to live up to their greatest potential in career and relationships;
  • those seeking a structured, sound and practical knowledge of Western Astrology;
  • those who want to become professional astrologers.

Certification:At the end, you will receive a certificate for your participation in this course (28 hours syllabus).

This is the first module of the IDIA – International Diploma in Integrated Astrology provided by the CEIA – Centre for Education of Integrated Astrology.

Requirements: you should have basic skills of Math and good learning abilities in an intensive environment.

Material: you will receive a 50 pages ebook (an introduction) and the main handouts prior to the course. During the course you will receive your own birth chart. In the end, bibliography and readings will be recommended for further study.


Next Edition: Saturday to Tuesday, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th January 2017, from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm |  Venue: Central – Hong Kong (full address given after enrolment) | Language: English |  Trainer: João Medeiros

  Cost :  5999 HKD =   33 % DISCOUNT for enrolments and payments made before 15th December 2016 = 3999 HKD 

Enrolment – STEP 1 – Payment by PAYPAL or by bank transfer to account Swift Code: BESCPTPL – IBAN PT50 0007 0061 0003 4820 0025 4:

Enrolment – STEP 2 – Fill in the REGISTRATION FORM (click here)



About the Trainer  – João Medeirosjm-fundobranco2

João Medeiros is a leading astrologer in Portugal, the director of CEIA – Centre for Education of Integrated Astrology (2007), international speaker, blog writer and author of two books: The Chart: Psychological Astrology (2013) and Portuguese Astrological Cycles (2004).

He has a degree in Economics (Nova University – Lisbon – 1998) and worked in the Portuguese Statistics Office for four years. Since then he devoted himself to the interdisciplinary study of Astrology, completing his graduation in the Academy of Astrological Studies (2003).

In the last decade, he taught Astrology to more than 1000 students and has attended over 5000 clients in private astrological consultation. His Astrology Training program is a most innovative, effective and practical course that has helped many students become professional astrologers at a record pace.

His approach brings together the different perspectives of Western Astrology, both traditional and modern, and explores the three main branches of this area: Horary, Natal and Mundane.

João Medeiros is a member of the AA – Astrological Association of Great Britain – and an executive member of ASPAS – Portuguese Astrology Association. He is a vegetarian and speaks fluently four languages.




Introduction to Western Integrated